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[revised November 2021]  Apartments are a great solution for families with kids, parties of several people and -in general – when you spend more than a couple of days in town and you really want to experience the local life. This way you can even save a bit (especially if you waive a very central location) […]

Bed and Breakfast

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[revised November 2021]  Under the concept of “Bed and Breakfast” you can expect many different experiences, from the original idea of sharing your time and space with a local family (this does not happen often in Rome) to a sort of small hotel where you will be checked in, provided for keys and be free […]


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[revised in November 2021] Hotels in Rome range from humble pensione (a simple boarding house) to top-end properties in historical buildings and rates vary a lot. Rates usually lower significantly during the winter months (from November to March, excluding Christmas period). Always check for special promotions and look for the facilities you really need (for […]

Best views over Rome

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[revised August 2022] Rome’s skyline is unique and magic, you cannot miss a general overview of the city from the top of a famous monument or terrace.  And you have plenty of options here! We recommend to take a stroll in one of these “belvedere” in a sunny day and possibly at the end of your Roman […]

Useful links

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[revised December 2023]  When you plan a trip to Rome, you might need the following links: Trains: fast trains connect easily the main cities of Italy. Just two companies i.e. Trenitalia and Italo. You usually get better deals buying tickets in advance. Bus/Metro in Rome is provided by a public company called  ATAC. Here you’ll find the […]

Shops we like

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[revised December 2021] In Rome the retail trade is still carried on at street level rather than in impersonal malls, and there are still chances to find unique shops run by local craftsmen, where you can find that special gift that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for bargains, note that the […]

Longing for a pool?

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(revised November 2021) In summer we can hit 40°Celsius on some days, so we post this “survival kit” to travellers  who plan a trip in the warmest months of the year. If your hotel or B&B has no private pool (which is more likely, as this is not a common feature in Rome), you can enjoy some public […]

Summer in Rome

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“ROME is a city made for the summer. The sun shines, the classical, medieval and Baroque settings are sublime and the balmy evenings offer a long, languorous round of warm cobbled streets, candlelit trattorias and fountain-splashed piazzas“… this is how an interesting article by Tim Jepson starts…and we totally agree! Many visitors are worried about […]

Shopping streets in Rome

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[revised December 2021] The best souvenir you can take back home with you is a good “made in Italy” article: a dress for your parties, an elegant bag or a pair of shoes, a silk tie, a little piece of art (a water-painting, for instance), a design furniture for your house… Good shops selling nice […]

All world is a stage, Rome is the best!

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[revised December 2021] Many films were shooted in Rome, offering a great set to directors and a long tradition in the movie industry. Therefore a good way to prepare your trip to Rome or to remember the sites you just visited is simply watching one of those immortal movies: Rome Open City by Rossellini: about the nazi […]