Best views over Rome

Posted on Aug 25, 2015 in On your own

[revised February 2024] Rome’s skyline is unique and magic, you cannot miss a general overview of the city from the top of a famous monument or terrace.  And you have plenty of options here! We recommend to take a stroll in one of these “belvedere” in a sunny day and possibly at the end of your Roman holiday… you will be able to identify several attractions that you have visited during your stay.

Let’s start with a short list of free-of-charge panoramic locations:

  • the garden on top of the Aventino hill (Giardino degli Aranci)
  • the promenade of the Janiculum hill
  • the Pincio terrace where you can take unforgettable pictures, especially at sunset!

Just investing few euros you can:

  • climb the dome of St. Peter’s (the tallest building in town): there is a lift but just to half way, then you have to climb approx. 300 steps!
  • Less steps to go for the terrace of Castel S.Angelo, and you will enjoy St.Peter’s dome itself from there.
  • If you are not ready for the steps, chose the terrace of the Vittoriano, the big white monument overlooking Piazza Venezia. The lift will take you to the top in few seconds and Rome will embrace you!

Finally, if you can afford a drink or a deluxe meal in one of the 5 star hotels in town, you will enjoy a holistic experience pampering all your senses from a roof top restaurant. Among the best terraces for a dinner we suggest:

For a drink only (but most of them also have a restaurant service), read our article about rooftop bars here.