Summer in Rome

Posted on Jun 12, 2012 in On your own, Outdoors, Sport, Music...

ROME is a city made for the summer. The sun shines, the classical, medieval and Baroque settings are sublime and the balmy evenings offer a long, languorous round of warm cobbled streets, candlelit trattorias and fountain-splashed piazzas“… this is how an interesting article by Tim Jepson starts…and we totally agree!

Many visitors are worried about the heat, but it’s just a matter of good planning and scheduling activities smartly.
Wake up early and explore the city in the cool hours at dawn: galleries, churches, museums and ruins will be flooded  by a magical light.

After a fresh light lunch, relax in your air-conditioned hotel, in a park, on the beach or next to a nice pool  (here our article about this) and “resist the temptation to sightsee in the heat of the day“.

At night you will discover a city full of events, terraced restaurants, open-air concerts… you can enjoy the breeze of the night during a Vespa tour, have a romantic walk with your sweetheart or simply enjoy the bars under the stars with your friends and find more!

And, as Tim Jepson rightly underlines, “don’t be tempted to tackle too much: a single visit, even one that lasts all of a long Roman summer, is not enough to do justice to a city with an eternal past“.