Vespa tours: rules for the self-drive mode

Posted on May 14, 2024 in Outdoors, Sport, Music...

Touring Rome on a Vespa is one of the most exciting and fun experiences you can have here! We usually suggest to have a driver: they are local and used to Roman traffic, they know the roads and how to handle “sanpietrini”, they have everyday experience on two wheels. And this option allows you to […]

Time to relax: Spa in Rome

Posted on May 14, 2024 in Arts and History

A holiday should be relaxing. Usually a trip to Rome is not so relaxing as you can easily end up walking 20k steps a day! But you can find some time in your busy plan for a bit of relaxation in a Spa. After all the ancient Romans invented the thermal baths! Here some addresses: […]

Self- guided tours

Posted on May 14, 2024 in On your own

Why should we – tour guides – advertise a self-guided tour? Because with the high season our availability is limited and sometimes we cannot accommodate you in our calendar. So this is an alternative! We can provide a virtual guide to be downloaded on your tablet or smartphones. It provides virtual reconstructions of the archaeological […]

“I feel like dancing”

Posted on May 14, 2024 in On your own, Outdoors, Sport, Music...

If you are not too tired after all the sightseeing during the day, you could hit the dance floor during your stay in Rome! So here is a little list of clubs and we wait for your discoveries and suggestions: Caffé Latino: in the lively Testaccio district Nur: near Piazza Venezia, a lounge bar and […]

Eat like a local

Posted on Feb 18, 2024 in Foodies & Shopaholics

Many of you ask about “non touristy restaurants”. Let’s be honest, Rome is touristy city and most of the restaurants in the city centre now cater for tourists more than locals. They can be good, anyway, even if you will be surrounded by many languages different from Italian. We tried to provide an updated list […]

14 fun facts about Italian food (and drinks!)

Posted on Feb 5, 2024 in Foodies & Shopaholics

Last year, 2023, I collected several “Foodies’ pills” that I shared on my social media. This article collects them all and tells you something some Italian  fun facts about food: Italian cuisine, differently from the French one that was created in the kitchens of the most famous chefs, was born in the homes of the […]

25 ideas for your “Ancient Rome” tour

Posted on Oct 3, 2023 in Arts and History, Planning Support

[revised January 2024] Most of  our visitors in Rome have in their “must see list” what is generally called “ancient Rome“. They usually mean the archeological area in the very centre of Rome, represented by the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. But in Rome we have “ancient roman stuff” everywhere! With this article we want […]

How hot is Rome in the summer?

Posted on Aug 30, 2023 in Time out to reflect

[This article has been written in September 2023] Summer 2023 is almost at its end and I decided to recollect some thoughts about the “heat waves”: last July I received some calls and mails from the other side of the ocean (friends, former or future guests, journalists) asking how I was coping with the heat […]

No “must sees” tickets? Try these alternatives.

Posted on May 4, 2023 in Arts and History, Planning Support

[revised March 2024] “Everybody goes to the same handful of sites. If you just go to those sites, you’re going to have a trip that is shaped by crowds. Or you can break free from that and realise that you can study the options and choose sites that are best for you. You can go […]

Vatican tours? We quit.

Posted on May 2, 2023 in Planning Support, On your own, Time out to reflect

When I began as a tour guide – 15 years ago – I wouldn’t say the Vatican Museums were ever empty, they were definitely busy, yet bearable and occasionally even pleasant. There are unique masterpieces in the collections, and I’m not just talking about the Sistine chapel: we also have Raphael, Botticelli, Perugino, Caravaggio, all […]