Green Rome

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 in Outdoors, Sport, Music..., Children

[revised December 2021]

There are so many  parks in Rome, it would be a pity not to enjoy one, at least!

Buy a ball, rent a bike and “live” the cheerful atmosphere of the gardens next to the Roman families.

Why not to buy some freshly baked bread or “white pizza” (we do not say focaccia in Rome, but pizza bianca), mortadella, salami or your favorite cheese, a bottle of wine, a good  crostata or the unforgettable Pompi tiramisu’  and go to Villa Borghese? After your pic-nic and a nap under a tree, you have several cultural options. You are in the “Park of the Museums” and you can chose among the important Borghese Gallery (but remember to book it), the interesting Etruscan Museum housed in the Renaissance Villa Giulia, the Modern Art museum La Galleria Nazionale  or just a pleasant quick look at the house/workshop of the artist Pietro Canonica dedicated to an Italian sculptor of the XIX century.

Other historical parks that deserve a visit are Villa Doria Pamphili, Villa Torlonia or Villa Ada and we are more than happy to arrange a tour in all these parks by bike or on foot, a short “urban trekking” to live the city from the inside. And remember… Relax, you are on holiday!