Start your trip from your couch !

Posted on Mar 16, 2016 in On your own, Planning Your Trip | No Comments

online-video-marketingNo tele-transporting invented yet… bugger! And I am not talking about webcams here (but there are very good ones if you wish to jump immediately into Rome’s atmosphere). I just suggest you to start planning your trip some weeks ahead your departure to get into the right mood and have  the time to read something about your destination: it could be an essay, but also a novel set in the cities you are going to visit …. And if you have a short time at disposal, a movie can be enough: here you find a list of great movies set in Rome!

On Youtube you also find endless short videos about the history, the art, the food, the magic of Rome: this is also a good way to prepare your trip and receive inspiration on what you really wish for your holiday. You might find great ideas just surfing on the web:  to help you in this search, we have now a Youtube channel  with playlists of selected videos such as amazing reconstructions of the ancient sites, drone explorations, short tutorial or reportages about everyday life…. As usual, we welcome your own videos and suggestions: after your trip, you might be a great advisor for future travellers and we will be pleased to support your “movies”!