Transform a “standard” holiday into YOUR perfect Roman Holiday!

Fiat 500 vintage drive

In 1975 this tiny car went out of production but it is still common to see Romans driving it, the “vintage version” of the modern SMART cars. You can explore some areas of Rome onboard of this nice car!

Rome at dawn

An unforgettable experience to escape the heat and the crowds of the summer months. Recommended to couples looking for a romantic stroll, teens who prefer to spend the rest of the day at the beach/pool and in general for early birds!

Mosaic Art: tour+workshop

Did you know Rome is one of the richest city in mosaics? Since the ancient times Rome has been decorated with colorful and sparkling tiles. You can admire some amazing mosaic works in town and meet a mosaic artist who will give you a demonstration in their “art and restoration studio”.

Calessino Tour

Ideal for a leisurely drive, perhaps with a picnic hamper in the back. Yes, why not? All our bike or Vespa tours can be more relaxing with a driver and a calessino at your disposal, don’t you agree?

EUR, a district you don’t expect

This modern district of Rome was created at the end of the Fascist Era and it is a great example of the “metaphysical architecture”, something truly different from what you expect in Rome!

Gladiator for a day!

This is not a tour, but you will learn a lot, and will get history under your skin! A gladiator instructor will teach you how to fight: dressed in a traditional gladiator tunic, you will learn the basic techniques and take part in a gladiatorial combat with wooden swords. You will ask any questions about the gladiator life and touch faithful copies of the weapons they used. You will collect amazing pictures of a unique experience taking a leap into history!

The Great Beauty

If you loved the Oscar awarded movie by Sorrentino or simply like the idea of a themed tour exploring some unusual and charming parts of Rome….

Bike tour along the Tevere

A bike lane to explore a non-touristy side of Rome….

Pilgrims of the XXI century

“Modern” pilgrims do not reach Rome on foot walking for months on risky paths, but the believers can experience a full day walking following the footsteps of thousands of Christian pilgrims. The itinerary covers the ancient pilgrim way created by S.Filippo Neri called “the tour of the Seven Churches”. This itinerary is just for healthy travelers (approx 25 km) who are seeking for a deep spiritual experience.

The Archaelogical Museum

Everybody knows Rome enjoys an incredible archaeological heritage and most of the visitors come here exactly for that reason. But only A FEW discover the beauty of the collection housed in Palazzo Massimo. This is one of the best museums in town with masterpieces of sculpture of the Republican and Imperial age and breathtaking frescoes and mosaics.

Art Safari for kids

When you travel with young children we recommend you prepare the trip by watching some movies or reading nice books about Rome and we can offer you some “themed” tours according to their special interests. Every child likes playing: a simple treasure hunt in the Vatican or some quizzes in the Roman Forum makes them attentive until the end of the tour!

The Capitoline Hill

Sometimes you do not need to walk too much to explore a city! From the Capitol Hill you will jump into the past and learn about the history of the city thank to the view over the Roman Forum, the panoramic terrace of the Altar of Fatherland and the incredible collection of the first museum ever opened in the world! The location is perfect to have a drink overlooking the sumptuous square designed by Michelangelo

Transfer Tour

Slow down and reach your next destination in Italy dedicating a full day to your transfer and enjoying the countryside, a typical “trattoria”, a wine cellar, a Spa, a beach, a lake…. options are endless!!!

Your Roman Holiday!

Enjoy the magic of a Vespa tour in Rome and feel like Audrey Hepburn! This is the best way to go around Rome maximizing your time. In an half-day tour you can easily catch a glimpse of the major sites of the city. You can opt to ride yourself, have a driver or even rent a real vintage Vespa (only with driver). Enjoy the breeze and the sights!

Sailing along the Coastline

The seaside is just 20 miles away from he centre of Rome! You can enjoy a day sailing along the coast or even plan a short cruise of few days taking you to the amazing Pontine islands, to Tuscany or the Amalfi coast! An unforgettable experience…


The perfect symphony: enjoying music immersed in the beauty of an art masterpiece is an experience you won’t forget soon! Villa Farnesina, S.Agnese in Agone, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj are some of the incredible backcloths where you can assist to the live performance of the “Schola Romana Ensamble”: close your eyes and you will be transported back to the ages of Raphael, Bernini or Caravaggio!

Cooking with a Roman family

Learn real Italian cuisine in Learn real Italian cuisine in a real Italian house: Tiziana and her family share a true passion for cooking and will let you join in for a day. And if you do not have enough time to cook with them, you can even join just for dinner! real Italian house: Tiziana and her family share a true passion for cooking and will let you join in for a day. And if you do not have enough time to cook with them, you can even join just for dinner!