Transform a “standard” holiday into YOUR perfect Roman Holiday!

Fiat 500 vintage drive

In 1975 this tiny car went out of production but it is still common to see Romans driving it. Get onboard!

Rome at dawn

An unforgettable experience to escape the heat and the crowds of the summer months. Recommended to couples looking for a romantic stroll and for early birds !

Mosaic Tour + Lab

Did you know Rome is one of the richest city in mosaics? Since the ancient times Rome has been decorated with colorful and sparkling tiles. Admire some amazing mosaics and then try yourself!

EUR, a district you don’t expect

This modern district of Rome was planned during the Fascist Era and is a great example of the “metaphysical architecture”, something truly different from what you expect in Rome!

Pilgrims of the XXI century

“Modern” pilgrims do not reach Rome on foot walking for months on risky paths, but believers can experience a full day on the footsteps of Christian pilgrims. The Path of the Seven Churches is for fit travellers (approx 25 km) who look for a deep spiritual experience.

Art Safari for kids

When you travel with young children, we can offer you some “themed” tours according to their special interests. Every child likes playing with animals, this is our Art Safari, one of our kids friendly proposals!

Your Roman Holiday!

Enjoy the magic of a Vespa tour in Rome and feel like Audrey Hepburn! This is the best way to go around Rome maximizing your time. Enjoy the breeze and the sights with our drivers!