Eat like a local

Posted on Feb 18, 2024 in Foodies & Shopaholics

Many of you ask about “non touristy restaurants”. Let’s be honest, Rome is touristy city and most of the restaurants in the city centre now cater for tourists more than locals. They can be good, anyway, even if you will be surrounded by many languages different from Italian. We tried to provide an updated list here, but we are more and more convinced that best value for money is now to be found in suburban ‘hoods. And a good restaurant is a valuable reason to “go the extra mile” and explore Rome a bit off-the-beaten-path, don’t you think?

Here we will start a list of “suburban” restaurants you might consider during your trip, and we have a “to try list” in order to expand this article more and more!

  • Bobo is a restaurant inside the “House of Jazz” and you can eat creative cuisine in a pleasant garden while a concert is going on, a very pleasant experience! Located near Ostiense district.
  • Casadora is a pasta shop where you can also eat the freshest pasta in your life, while comfortably seated in a pleasant space, in the district called “Delle Vittorie”.
  • La Casetta Garbatella: it is not so common in Rome to have a nice garden to eat peacefully outdoors. This place is just next to the metro B “Garbatella” station.
  • Osteria Fratelli Mori: awarded family run restaurant in Ostiense with great respect for tradition and quality. Spacious cozy room for a relaxing dinner, which is not always easy to get in the historical centre.
  • Il Mulino ai Quattro Venti: cozy little place in Monteverde with a family run kitchen.
  • Piatto Romano: traditional trattoria in Testaccio, serving old fashioned recipes at a reasonable price.
  • Porto Fluviale: trattoria, pizzeria, small tastings, aperitivo, brunch….everything! In the young setting of the “trendy” district of Ostiense
  • Pro loco Centocelle: really off the beaten path, for adventurous travellers who want a local experience with mile zero products only.
  • Da Roberto e Loretta: same family is in charge since three generations, tables with a good distance from each other (yes, this is quite rare in Rome!), service is good and menu is seasonal. A good address in the district of San Giovanni.
  • Trattoria Pennestri: in the district of Ostiense/Testaccio, a cozy living room to enjoy “revisited” traditional cuisine.
  • Ulisse dal 1927: almost  a century of activity for this traditional restaurant with very good value for money, not too far from the Vatican area.

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