[revised January 2024] With the worst timing ever, in 2019 – just before a pandemic that would have blocked world tourism for almost two years – I launched a new website connected to this one and dedicated to day trips around Rome.

Before starting this new proposal, I asked myself : “do we really need another tour operator?” I know it is already very hard to pick one in the jungle of websites and guide services.

But this proposal is different from what I see around. I’ve been working in the tourist market since I was 19. In 30 years I’ve been meeting thousands of guests and what I learnt is pretty simple: travellers want to have a good time with those they love and travel with!

Of course everyone has different interests in art, history, food, nature or whatever. But the main goal while travelling is to share a pleasant experience, learn something new and relax your mind (if not necessarily your body… well, some people relax by hiking 20 miles, I’m one of those people!).

When you come to Rome for the first time you want to visit the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Pantheon, toss a coin in Trevi fountain, climb the Spanish Steps, eat gelato in Piazza Navona, sip a coffee outdoors and try a good crunchy pizza. That’s totally fine, we understand that, but you surely know you will not be alone there, especially if you travel in the period from Easter to Christmas. If you have been to Rome already, you know what I’m talking about.

Of course, on your second trip you can go further on, visit some off-the-beaten-path ‘hoods and museums, explore hidden sites and the overall experience is generally easier and more enjoyableWhether this is your first or your tenth Roman holiday, we still give you the same suggestion: go the extra mile and leave the city for a day!

This is what the Romans call “gita fuori porta”, literally “a day trip out of the gate” (in Rome we still have walls and gates!). It’s a Roman habit since the ancient times to leave the hectic city and enjoy a day trip, as Rome has always been chaotic and crowded  and the experience can really be  restorative and fun.


  • Around Rome we are lucky enough to have the seaside, mountains, lakes and hills. We also have small towns full of history, faith, art and gastronomic traditions. Any of your interests can be met!
  • Wherever you’ll go outside of Rome you’ll never be in a crowd, you can take your time and relax,  take pictures with just your family in it!!!
  • Far from the confusion of the city we can arrange special activities: have you ever fancied being an archeologist for a day? Or making your own pasta? Do you like wine tasting or hiking in the woods? Your teens like rafting or canyoning? It’s winter and you wish to spend a couple of hours in a hot spring pool? Need some silent time in a monastery? Just to mention some experiences we can include….
  • We are not talking about crazy day trips that take you 300 km away from Rome to visit Florence or Pompeii or even Venice in a day: you are on holiday! We are recommending easy day trips max 100/150 km distance from Rome, you do not need to wake up when it’s still dark and you will have your hotel room waiting for you by sunset to enjoy a pleasant dinner back in Rome.
  • You’ll have a chance to discover what Italy really is. If you only visit the most famous cities (Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan) and main tourist areas (Cinque Terre, Amalfi coast, Tuscan countryside or Lake Como) you’ll collect great “memory postcards” but you’ll miss what our country is: an endless discovery of hidden art treasures and beautiful landscapes!