7 ideas to be romantic in Rome

Posted on Aug 15, 2022 in On your own

Forget Paris!

Rome is the city for romance: the pink sky over the ruins, the rooftop terraces, the Vespa rides, the padlocks everywhere…. If you plan a romantic journey, maybe your honeymoon or an anniversary, well, Rome has a lot to offer. Here is a non exhaustive list that we are happy to improve with your suggestions, just send an email to info@afriendinrome.it :

  • enjoying a drink or dinner on a panoramic terrace, check our tips here
  • swearing eternal love with the ritual of the padlock: to respect the tradition, it should be from Ponte Milvio, the Milvian bridge, and this is in fact a stop in our “chaperon tour” for lovers, when we take you to the discovery of love tales and traditions in town
  • paying a visit to St. Valentine! We have an important relic of the saint of lovers here in Rome, at the church of S. Maria in Cosmedin, where also the mouth of truth is… yes, where Audrey Hepburn/princess Anna started falling in love with the journalist Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) in her Roman holiday
  • And talking about “A Roman holiday”, what’s more romanic than a ride on the iconic Vespa?
  • gifting your lover with a lot of  “kisses”, i.e. the Italian pralines invented in Perugia in 1922 and called “Baci Perugina“. It’s our “fortune cookie”: there is a  little card wrapped with the chocolate candy with a love aphorism on it.
  • drinking tea in the most charming tearooms of Rome: Babington’s  or the little balcony of the Keats and Shelley House, both at the Spanish Steps. The occasion could be good to learn about the sad, yet super romantic,  love story between John Keats and Fanny Brawne. If you are more into coffee, still in the area we have the oldest café in town, active since 1760, i.e. Caffe Greco.
  • relaxing at a deluxe Spa, for instance the Cashera Spa in several hotels in Rome

Any other ideas to share with us?