7 reasons to book a bike tour

Posted on May 7, 2022 in On your own, Outdoors, Sport, Music...

[revised January 2024] Why should you visit Rome riding a bike? I’m sure you heard about awful traffic, scary potholes, bumpy cobblestones, seven hills…. So, again…. why should you rent a bike to visit Rome?

Here we go:

  1. First, it’s fun! Yes, biking is fun, and probably on your standard life you do not have a chance to do it often: allow yourself this pleasure on holiday, at least! 
  2. If you travel with teens and you are worried about their attention span (and you are right, said a mother of a 16 year old!), well I can grant you, they are longer focused when they stay active and explanations are necessarily shorter and interrupted by a ride (or vice versa, but do not tell them, eheheh!) 
  3. you are faster in moving from one side to another of the city so, in a standard half day tour, you see more
  4. you can reach easily parts of Rome which are usually neglected by standard walking tours because they are not well connected. Also, you can follow a thread like “the path of the aqueducts” or “the Seven Churches pilgrimage”, “the ancient walls” or “the best street art in town” (or even “the best gelatos in Rome!”)
  5. you can go everywhere,  parks and pedestrian areas included. No other vehicle gives you this freedom and riding around Piazza Navona or in front of the Pantheon is exciting, not to mention the charm of pedalling along the most ancient road still in use, the Appian Way
  6. it’s sustainable.
  7. And it keeps you fit before eating that carbonara followed by gelato followed by pizza, followed by…..

Is this enough? Help us finding new reason… we are sure there is more, and… did we mention it is fun ? (yes, it’s us in the video!!!)