So virtual…so real!

Posted on Jun 5, 2017 in Children

(Updated Jan. 2020)

It is becoming more and more common to have a technological support during an archaeological tour to better understand the site: we have always exploited the power of images to give you an immediate view of the aspect of the Colosseum, the Forum, the Circus Maximus in the Imperial Age.  Recently  immersive and multimedia experiences reached an incredible quality and we do recommend to book one of those “shows” during your stay to enjoy the brilliance of  marble floors, bright frescoes and glittering mosaic tiles of the luxurious interiors of the bygone days. According to us, this is not substituting the importance of a traditional guided tour, when you have an expert at your disposal to explain details in front of each monument and – above all – to interpret the historical, political and social importance of the buildings, which represent an “age” and a (lost) society with its vision of mankind.

In main archaeological museums of Rome you find now videos of virtual reconstructions, also on YouTube you find a lot (we have a dedicated playlist of good videos here), but if you are looking for the immersive experience, simply enquire us and we can offer you special tours “with goggles” in the city centre, at the Baths of Caracalla or Diocletian,  and we especially recommend the experience in ancient Ostia. If you are travelling with children/teens this is definitely a good idea (and by the way, there is a videogame museum in Rome, not too far from the Vatican, which might be a good break for them: it is called Vigamus and our 13 year old “tester” approved it…He also approved all the following list for you!)

If you wish to experience virtual reality independently, book one of the following:

  • Viaggio nei Fori: only from April to November as  it is outdoors enjoying the breeze of the night and the imposing ruins of the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Augustus. In the first one, you walk through the area for 55′  while in the Forum of Augustus you’ll be sitting on a bench for approx 40′. A recorded audio explanation in several languages is provided and there are three shows each night. We loved both of them.
  • Domus di Palazzo Valentini: a fascinating path in a real ancient domus (noble residence) with virtual reconstructions and audio explanations. Not to be missed, your understanding of ancient Rome throughout the city will be increased a lot!
  • Domus Aurea: this visit is only available during weekends as a restoration project is going on during the week days. The tours help to support the huge expenses of the restorations. The site is the real Emperor Nero’s Golden Palace and during your group tour (approx 75′) you will stop in the “Volta Dorata hall” for a 3D immersion supported by visors. Amazing!
  • SUPER tickets at the Palatine hill entitle you to book the VR experience inside the Domus Transitoria, the palace of Emperor Nero destroyed by the fire of 64 AD. Also you have access to video reconstructions on the domus of Livia and domus of Augustus, still at the Palatine
  • L’Ara com’era: at the Ara Pacis museum during the evening it is possible to book the experience recreating the look this Augustan “Altar of Peace” had more than 2000 years ago, when it was painted in brilliant colors and surrounded by the empty “Campus Martius” instead of the hectic city!

We appreciate your help to update this list as soon as new experiences will appear and if you have a comment on these shows, we will be curious to know your opinion and feedback!