Street Food in Rome

Posted on Dec 22, 2015 in Foodies & Shopaholics

Suppli-a-roma[revised February 2024] It’s the trend of the moment, appreciated in the most important cities of the world and becoming the new gastronomic hit in Rome too. During your sightseeing walks or just for a quick lunch break, this new habit is giving you the chance to try a kind of food you might not easily find in traditional restaurants. Be aware, these shops usually do not have seats for you and it is not easy to find an empty bench in Rome…. But! There is a special place in Rome called “Il Vinaietto” (Via del Monte della Farina, 38 – near Campo dei Fiori. Tel 066806989) where you can simply order a glass of wine and take your own food with you, exactly like the Romans used to do in the past in the “osterie”.

  • Amerina: this tiny place on Largo dei Librai, near Campo dei fiori, prepares in few minutes small pizzas to take away in many different flavours!
  • Maritozzo Rosso: they reinvented the sweet” maritozzo in a salty version and filled it with all sort of recipes, all to try! Just few tables in a corner of Trastevere.
  • Pasta in Corso: if you like pasta as we do, you cannot miss this place! Half way between Castel sant’Angelo (Vatican) and Piazza Navona, here  you can have a dish of home made pasta cooked in front of your eyes! Here you can also have a seat.
  • La Piadineria: there are several shops selling the “piadina”, typical snack of the Romagna region filled with everything you can think about.
  • Pinsa’m po’! : good stop after a Vatican tour, traditional recipe for a sort of take away pizza and good “supplì”, always just made. Local beer is served too!
  • Pizzarium Bonci : next to the Vatican and to the metro stop “Cipro”, this is not just another “take away pizza” shop, because quality is a must and creativity does not lack either ….
  • Supplizio: as the name states, the main “course” is the suppli, but not just the traditional fried tomato and meat ragout rice ball… impossible to describe exactly what they cook, the list is on a board and changes every day. Stop by and enjoy!
  • Trapizzino: in Testaccio, Trastevere  and near the Vatican. Ancient recipes of the local tradition saved from the oblivion and served with two slices of pizza bread….

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