4 ways to reach Rome from Fiumicino airport

Posted on May 22, 2013 in Planning Support

[revised November 2023]

Many visitors reach Rome by plane and Fiumicino airport is the first approach to a new country, a new currency and a new language… After an intercontinental flight this might result into an exhausting experience and all you really want is a safe, easy way to reach the city centre and a comfortable bed in your accommodation!

Of course, there are cabs. Just line up outside the airport in the designated queue and you’ll get a flat rate, in 2023 it’s 48 euros.

A fast train (Leonardo express) is also available or several private shuttle services. 

If you prefer a private limo service, we recommend the company “CONCORA”  which can always offer you a Class E car or van, even if you have not reserved one (in this case, you’ll just have to wait a bit and they will arrange your transfer).  They have a desk inside the airport and do not charge you for any flight delay upon arrival. If you need a transfer back to the airport, ask for their deals.

If you prefer a more personal “welcome”, contact my friend Alfredo, a professional driver with a smile on his face and his own van always clean waiting for you! This is his email address: alfredo.dalfonsi@libero.it