VeronicaSince she was a young child, Veronica has devoted her life to art and history: born in Rome, she soon showed deep love and passion for her city and its beauties, thus becoming an archaeologist and also a tourist guide was the most natural choice of her life. Her real enthusiasm is fostered by a strong historical background and a vivid curiousity, pushing her to research (and discover!) of hidden corners, intriguing stories, unusual paths in the Eternal City. On her days off, with her camera in hands, she still loves to wander as a tourist through ruins, palaces, narrow streets, and churches, in full amazement and amusement. What Veronica really considers her mission, as a guide, is to make you feel welcomed, and at home, even in the short time you will be spending in Rome: to let you breath the magic atmosphere of centuries of history, to make you wish to come here visiting again, and again.