With great embarrassment, we put our faces out there! We think it is important to show who we are (clearly not actors, that’s a fact! ) and to be introduced by this short artisanal video… Travelling abroad I have experienced some frustration when I was not able to speak the local language and my spokesperson had little English to share… probably this is due to my background in languages (do you know the famous quote by Emile Cioran? “One does not inhabit a country, one inhabits a language”).

On the other hand I firmly believe that – when you travel – you need to meet local people who are not only professional tour guides, but also have stories to share about living in Rome, how the country has changed throughout the years and how does it feel to be Italian…and Roman.

That’s why English is not our first language, but we do our best to be up to the task and communicate fluently with you during a tour, not only about ancient Rome, the popes and the artistic masterpieces, but about everyday life.

This is just a little portion of the team of A Friend in Rome tour guides …and of course we also have colleagues who can communicate perfectly in French, Spanish, German and Portuguese!